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Behind the Brilliance: Crafting Elegance with Al Kayali Jewelry Group’s Enchanting 20th Anniversary Campaign.

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Discover the enduring charm of Al Kayali Jewelry Group’s pixels Production creation as we explore the mysteries of our captivating July 2023 commercial. This visual masterpiece was created for the 20th Anniversary Campaign to honor the legacy of the Al Kayyali Jewelry Group in partnership with The Media Boutique Agency, under the direction of CEO and Director Noor Al-Qaraghuli.

The Concept and Casting:

The Noor story, which was framed by the 20th Anniversary Campaign, celebrated the classic beauty of diamond jewelry. Our guide was a gifted actress who played a cello and was able to combine the timeless beauty of Al Kayali’s jewelry with the elegance of music. The goal of this partnership with pixels team is to highlight the classic appeal of fine jewelry while capturing the spirit of innovation in contemporary design.

Finding the Perfect Locations:

In our scouting for authenticity, we scoured various locations that echoed the grandeur of the 20th Anniversary. From the opulent ballrooms reminiscent of classic elegance to the tall wheat fields that conjure a sense of romance, each setting has been carefully chosen to honor the historical charm of the kayali jewelry Collection.

Cinematography and Lighting:

The heart of our visual tale beats with the precision of the Arri Alexa Mini with ZEISS CP.3 Lenses. Guided by our cinematography Karam Melhem with his team and the Panther Dolly with professional Key Grip experienced operators in all conditions, we filming every detail with finesse. The director of photography added an ethereal glow, reminiscent of the magic of music and the art of videography, enhancing the sparkle of each diamond.

Magic of Editing: Matching Cut Style

The matching cut editing technique is utilized by the Pexels team throughout the Post-Production phase to ensure a smooth transition between shots. Because a rhythmic cadence was maintained, the story progressed smoothly. The audience was engrossed in the timeless elegance of the Jewelry craftsmanship as a result of the cellist’s movements and the brilliance of the jewelry working in unison with the music.


In celebrating Al Kayyali Jewelry Group’s legacy in the 20th century, every facet of this advertisement emerges as a carefully curated masterpiece. From concept to execution, the collaboration Pixels Production with The Media Boutique agency ,Noor Al-Qaraghuli, and the dedicated team has brought forth an enchanting visual symphony. As the diamonds continue to sparkle on-screen, so does the timeless allure of Al Kayyali Jewelry Group.

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